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Tim Wienk

About me

The basics

My name is Tim Wienk, you've probably gathered that much already. I was born in 1989 in Twente, the Netherlands. I'm a software developer, project/tech manager, systems administrator, consultant, friend, beer/whisky drinker, football watcher and (most of all) nerd focused mainly on subjects web and internet related.

Work and projects

Near the end of my time in high school I got in contact with a web developing company, and it wasn't long until I was offered a job there. I started off as a part time front-end developer, but when I started working full time responsibilities grew pretty fast. I had the chance to dive deeper into the used software and hardware and ended up doing front- and back-end software development, technical design and server/systems administration.

During this period I also got acquainted with an amazing group of JavaScript enthusiasts, they called themselves MooTools and aimed to make the JavaScript world a better place. I started helping out and became part of their team. I'm very happy with what we helped make happen in the less popular days of JavaScript. MooTools has gotten more silent now the need for its Core library has mostly disappeared due to improvements to JavaScript itself, and our job has mostly been to maintain what is there for people who still use it in existing projects.

After a number of years with the company, my role shifted more towards project management. Later on my role shifted further towards managing and leading the technical team of the company as a whole, with as main goal to design and implement the direction and path for the future, both for projects and the company's technical approach in general. All of this, while still trying to keep space and time to do some actual development myself.

Other projects I've worked on or helped out with can be found on the projects part of this website or on GitHub, as far as they can be publicly shared. For an overview of my skills and expertises, both my LinkedIn page and my CV should be a good reference.